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How to make the intention for Taraveeh


How to make the intention for Taraveeh


In the month of Ramzaan, during Isha prayers (after 4 Farz and 2 Sunnah, but before 3 Wajib-ul-Witr) the Salaahthat is performed is called Taraveeh.

It is Sunnah-e-Muakkada (Muakkada means it has been decreed as a highly recommended practice) for every Muslim adult (Man and Woman). Not performing this Salaahwith a valid reason or cause is a grave sin. Performing this in the mosque in a congregation is Sunnah-e-Kifaaya (Kifaaya means the act of prayer needs to be performed by at least a few people from within the corresponding society/community). If a certain colony/community doesn’t organize for the Taraveeh Congregation, then all Muslim residents of the colony/community are equal sinners.

The Taraveeh Salaah shall begin the first night of Ramzaan, i.e. the evening (around Maghrib) when the moon is sighted. It is mandatory to keep performing it every night until the next month’s moon (waxing crescent of the moon) is sighted. The time of Taraveeh begins just after the time for Isha commences and lasts till Subah-e-Sadiq (when the sun is at the horizon). It is a better practice to perform 3-rakaat Wajib-ul-Witr after (the 20-rakaat) Taraveeh, but if due to some reason Wajib-ul-Witr is performed before Taraveeh, it is still acceptable [Shami Vol. 5, Page 240, ‘Witr Ka Baab’].

Method of Taraveeh: After performing the Farz and Sunnah of Isha, an intention of Taraveeh is to be made, for 20 rakaats (split into 10 sessions by count of Salaam of 2 rakaats each). After every 4 rakaats, there should be a ‘longer break’, during which the Dua of Taraveeh must be recited. This ‘longer break’ is referred to as ‘Tarveeha’, meaning ‘to rest’. It is better to recite the Dua of Taraveeh, or perform zikr, etc. during this ‘break’. Completing the Quran once across the Taraveeh on all nights is Sunnah, and completing it more than once is Mustahab (Mustahab means performing the act of prayer earns one rewards, but if not performed, it will not be a sin/mistake).


The process of Taraveeh

Intention to be made: I intend to perform 20-rakaat Taraveeh Salaah as Sunnah of Rasoolullah, for the sake of Allah, while facing the Kaaba.

Allah Hu Akbar


The conscious decision one makes, is referred to as Intention. After intending, it is highly recommended that the intention is verbally uttered as well.


The Intention can be made for every individual 2 rakaats, or can be made in one go for all 20 rakaats in the beginning as described above.


Dua of Taraveeh

Subhaana zil mulki wal malakoot. Subhaana zil izzati wal azmati wal haibati wal qudrati wal kibriyaa-ee wal jabaroot. Subhaanal malikil hayyil-lazee laa yanaamu walaa yamoot. Subboohun quddoosun rabbunaa wa rabbul malaaikati warroohu. Allahumma ajirna minan-naar, ya mujeeru, ya mujeeru, ya mujeeru, bi rahmatika Ya-Ar hamar Raahimeen.